Taiwan Companion Animal Support Association ,
     Non-profit organization.

     使命: 尊重、愛護我們的同伴動物伴侶,不離不棄。


一、 協助民眾認識、認同同伴動物之角色,進而提高同伴動物之地位,推廣「尊重、愛護我們的同伴動物伴侶,不離不棄」。

 To educate people to understand and identify the role of companion animals in the society, in order to improve the status of companion animals; to promote our mission “respect and care for our animal companions, never betray."

二、關懷公立收容所內之同伴動物,督促政府致力改善公立收容所之環境及管理、人員素質。  To care for the companion animals in the public animal shelter and urge government to improve the shelter environment , system and qualification of stuffs.


To help homeless companion animals find new home through adoption system; to provide permanent caring and home for those old, weak, sick, disabled animals.



社團法人台灣同伴動物扶助協會 | 立案字號:台內社字第 1020237943 號 | 電話:(04)2632-5660 (04)2652-1365 | e-mail: tcasa@tcasa.org
433 台中市沙鹿區晉江里11鄰東晉東路58-21號
劃撥帳號:22760927     戶名:台灣同伴動物扶助協會
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