Taiwan Companion Animal Support Association ,
     Non-profit organization.

     使命: 尊重、愛護我們的同伴動物伴侶,不離不棄。


一、 協助民眾認識、認同同伴動物之角色,進而提高同伴動物之地位,推廣「尊重、愛護我們的同伴動物伴侶,不離不棄」。

 To educate people to understand and identify the role of companion animals in the society, in order to improve the status of companion animals; to promote our mission “respect and care for our animal companions, never betray."

二、關懷公立收容所內之同伴動物,督促政府致力改善公立收容所之環境及管理、人員素質。  To care for the companion animals in the public animal shelter and urge government to improve the shelter environment , system and qualification of stuffs.


To help homeless companion animals find new home through adoption system; to provide permanent caring and home for those old, weak, sick, disabled animals.


Taiwan Companion Animal Support Association (Taiwan CASA)

Taiwan Companion Animal Support Association (TCASA) is a non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to providing a safe haven for cats and dogs that are in need of veterinary care.

Founded in 2013, CASA, as many of you know means “home” in Spanish. Home is what this organization is for the 200 plus animals on the premises. They are provided with food, shelter, care, and medical attention. These animals are treated with the respect they deserve while being showered with never ending love and affection. And most importantly, they are given a sense of belonging, a place to call “home.”

CASA’s primary focus is to encourage adoption

and educate the general public on the importance

of commitment when caring for companion animals.

Taiwan Companion Animal Support Association (Taiwan CASA) – Site Information

CASA is an organization dedicated to the welfare of animals under our care. We strive to give each animal the attention they require. Every single animal that comes through our door is given a name. Their profile carefully documents their rescue history, medical records, and dietary needs.

On site, there is an office space that serves as the administrative office, storage space, and first-aid supply closet. Next to the office is the doggy playground that serves as the exercise area for all our dogs. The rest of the site is divided into five large areas: Meet and Greet, Paralysis Ward, Main Yard, Side Yard, and Small Breeds & Hospice Care. The animals are placed in the area most suitable for them according to their size, personality, and health condition. The divided areas also serve as a safeguard in the event of a contagious disease outbreak. Animals contracted can be quarantined within its parameters in order to prevent further spread of the disease.

1) Meet & Greet:

When guests first walk into CASA, the dogs in the Meet & Greet area will shower them with so much affection that we have dubbed them the “welcoming committee.” Most of the dogs in this area are of the larger breeds. Such as Great Dane, German shepherd, and Doberman pinscher to name a few. The Meet & Greet is located right next to the doggy playground, which makes it easily accessible for these larger breeds.

2) Paralysis Ward:

As the name suggests, the dogs in the Paralysis Ward are either partially or fully paralyzed. These dogs require extra care and are given individual well-padded beds for their comfort. Due to their paralysis, they are flipped from one side to the other every few hours to prevent pressure sores. They get exercised three times a day with either their personalized wheelchair or in a wagon. Many of them are also no longer able to urinate or defecate on their own and are therefore regularly expressed by our trained staff.

3) Main Yard:

The dogs in the Main Yard are mostly healthy and able-bodied. Many of them, especially the larger breeds are retired canine blood donors that have saved many of our own.

4) Side Yard:

The Side Yard is divided into three smaller sections: Backyard Area, Danny’s Area, and Nat’s Area.
The Backyard Area serves as the living space for the senior dogs. Due to their age, food and water intake are all closely monitored and a few are administered intravenous (IV) fluids daily.

Danny’s Area is named after Danny, a Great Dane that has crossed over the rainbow bridge. Many of the dogs in this area require special care as they have heart disease, osteoporosis, and/or blindness.

Nat’s Area is also named after one of our Great Danes. The dogs here are considered young in age and fairly healthy. It is our goal to rehome all the dogs that comes through Nat’s Area.

5) Small Breeds & Hospice Care

The animals in the Small Breeds area are able to roam freely within their space. This close-knit group is only separated during feeding time in order to ensure the meals are consumed properly.

        The Hospice Care is where we fulfill our promise to the terminally ill animals. We want to make sure they are treated with dignity through their end of life care by minimizing their discomfort and distress with the help of pain medication and human affection. With their limited mobility and sometimes incontinence, around the clock care is essential for the animals in this area.

Report by Taipei Times


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